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Tatianna, Marley and one of their Police K-9 friends

Fundraiser for Capital K-9 Association By Tatianna (7 ½ years old) and Marley (almost 4)

My name is Tatianna and I am 7 ½ years old. My sister, Marley (almost 4), and I want to raise money to help the new Police K9s get vests to help keep them safe! We are doing this in memory of Miles (a very special K9), Max, and Bosco. I want them to be safe from the bad guys and to make sure they get to go home every night to their families. Marley wants to make sure the K9s are safe so their daddies and mommies won’t be sad and cry!

Each vest costs $1,100. Tatianna and Marley want to raise enough money for three vests ($3,300). The vests will be provided by Capital K-9 Association https://capitalk9association.org/.

Capital K-9 Association was founded by the Trenton K9 unit. Their love of their police working dogs and keeping them safe & protected has grown to helping out other police agencies in NJ. Donations can also be made directly to Capital K-9 Association via their web site, directly to Tati and Marley’s Grand(God)Mom – Jodie or through http://k9fundraiser.chipin.com/capital-k-9-association From Jodie – I am very proud of Tati for wanting to do a fundraiser to help raise the money for the K9 ballistic vests. Her sister wants to help her too. Tati met a very special K9 at an event several years ago. They both bonded with each other right away. It was amazing to watch!!! When he lost his battle with cancer, Tati’s heart broke. She has always remained very loyal to him and still talks about him to this day! His partner did get a new dog and Tati was very happy. Marley did not know the other K9 but she loves his new partner. Both of them want to make sure that his dog and the other dogs are very well protected so they can go home every night!