06 Apr
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Cpl. Brenner…we salute you and K-9 Sgt. Grief

Today, the Capital K-9 Association would like to honor 2 local hero’s. Cpl. Alfred J. Brenner and his K-9 Partner Sgt. Grief of the United States Marine Corps. Cpl. Brenner and K-9 Sgt. Grief proudly served the United States Of America in Afghanistan from June 4th 2010 until October 24th 2010 when sadly, K-9 Sgt. Grief was killed in action and Cpl. Brenner was seriously injured. During a military operation, K-9 Sgt. Grief, an Explosive detection K-9, located an explosive devise which was detonated. Although K-9 Sgt. Grief was unable to return home and Cpl Brenner was seriously injured, countless lives were saved as a result of their bravery.

Cpl. Brenner had strong ties with the Trenton Police K-9 Unit prior to enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. His experiences with the Trenton Police K-9 Handlers, and their K-9 Partners is what gave him the desire to become a Military K-9 Handler. Cpl. Brenner recently moved back to New Jersey where he resides in Cream Ridge with his wife Megan. After his recovery from his injuries while over seas, Cpl. Brenner has maintained a positive and motivated attitude while continuing to build relationships with K-9 Handlers across the state of New Jersey. Cpl. Brenner currently trains Service and Support K-9’s. Since his return, Cpl. Brenner has trained K-9 Diesel, K-9 Cooper, and K-9 Nala. K-9 Diesel is a 1 ½ year old German Shepherd and has been trained as an Emotional Support Animal. K-9 Cooper is a 3 year old Golden Retriever and has been trained as a Service Dog. K-9 Nala is an 11 month old Golden Retriever pup and will soon begin her training. Cpl. Brenner has made it his ultimate goal to utilize his experience as a United States Marine, and Military K-9 Handler to provide emotional support through the use of his Service K-9’s.

Cpl. Brenner, and K-9 Sgt. Grief are credits to our country, and to the United States Marine Corp. They are not only Patriots, but a true American Heros. We ask that you keep Cpl. Brenner and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they honor the heroic acts that occurred 2 years ago today.

Cpl. Brenner…today we salute you and K-9 Sgt. Grief. We thank you for your service to our country, and for the sacrifices you both have made to keep America safe!